Coaches and Staff 23-24-

Age Group Head Coach Training Staff
2015-17 Boys (u8 and u9)   Derek Puls, Nate Blecke
2014 Boys (u10)

Kyle Jean- Green

TBD- White

2013 Boys (u11)

G. Hageage, Derek Puls- DA

TBD- White

2012 Boys (u12)

Nate Blecke- DA

Jason Osterberg- White

2011 Boys (u13) Spencer Sandow- Green  
2010 Boys (u14) Fede Vallazza- Green  
2009 Boys (u15) George Hageage- Green  
2008 Boys (u16) Marshall Gray- Green  
2007 Boys (u17) Spencer Sandow- Green  
2006/05 Boys (u19) Kyle Jean- Green  
2015-17 Girls (u8, u9)   Toni Etienne, George Hageage, Brianna Rich
2014 Girls (u10)   G Hageage, Brianna Rich
2013 Girls (u11) Ryan Ellis- DA  
2012 Girls (u12) Toni Etienne- DA  
2011 Girls (u13) Jesse M George Hageage, Nate Blecke
2010 Girls (u14) Ryan Ellis- Green  
2009 Girls (u15) Savannah Wallace George Hageage
2008 Girls (u16) G Hageage- Green Savannah Wallace
2007 Girls (u17) Marshall Gray- Green Savannah Wallace
2006/05 Girls (u19) Marshall Gray- Green  

** Our coaches are a part of an experienced staff here at MSC.  Coaching assignments may change at any time